For Companies

Temporary staffing historically has led this country out of every recession.  The staffing industry is considered by Wall Street to be a leading economic indicator, and we have seen a HUGE up-tick in usage of temporary staffing with relation to total employment.  Lately, we are seeing that major employers are using temporary staffing as a tool to remain flexible between 25 and 30% of their peak workforce.  This allows them to quickly scale up if they land that important contract or scale downwards without disrupting operational policies and procedures.

Placement Options

No two employers or job opportunities are the same, so we at Veteran Staffing strive to match the requirements of a position with the most perfect candidate. So if you need . . .

  • A part time position filled for a single day or up to several months,
  • Or a permanent part time position that would allow a candidate to take college or vocational classes to enhance their value,
  • Or a full time position that could use specialty skills learned by a Veteran while serving our nation,
Veteran Staffing Experience

The creators of Veteran Staffing have over 40 years experience in matching qualified people to Employer needs..

  • Veteran Staffing continually expands its Veteran database and by forming alliances with government and private sector organizations, seeks out ready and willing to work Veterans and civilians.
  • Veteran Staffing works with not-for-profit organizations to aid Veterans in transitioning to civilian life.
  • Veteran Staffing integrates Veteran and civilians to create a diversified labor base; one open to helping Veterans return to civilian life.
The Employer Advantage
  • Become a Hero to Heroes in need of a job
  • Temporary staffing allows employers to fill peak workforce needs
  • The numerous benefits of adding team members with loyalty, honor, integrity, selfless service, personal courage, commitment and in the case of using a veteran-security clearance.