For Veterans

This company strives to serve those who have served our country.  Service Men and Women as well as their families have made untold sacrifices for this country its people and its economy.  Veteran Staffing will work everyday to create relationships with companies and other users of staffing to employ as many returning military members and their immediate family members as possible.

Personalized Placement

Home just recently, or for years, every Veteran has personal objectives in finding a job or career.

  • If you’ve been home for only a few weeks and seek employment while making long term future plans, we can help you find a part time assignment.
  • If you have found yourself in a new community, without any connections, and need someone to help you find a job, we are the perfect solution.
  • If you want to attend college or a vocational school, yet still want to work part time, we can help.
  • If you are struggling to find the right job fit for you, we’re there for you.
Veteran Staffing Experience

Why Veteran Staffing is a great job resource for Veterans?

  • The creators of Veteran Staffing have over 40 years experience in matching individuals to the right job.
  • Veteran Staffing has alliances with regional and national companies committed to aiding Veterans returning to the current employment market.
  • The Veteran Staffing Team includes Veteran associates who better understand issues and questions faced by returning Veterans.
  • Veteran Staffing connects our clients with not-for-profit organizations to aid Veterans in answering questions and provide solutions for successfully transitioning to civilian life.

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